Know anyone that might want to invest in Real Estate?

Investing with Wade’s Exalted Homes LLC is easy. Invest with us and watch your project’s rehab results unfold here on our site as your money grows.

What do you need to do to start investing with us?

First, make a written pledge for the amount you want to invest in our rehab projects. Next, we’ll contact you when the contract is written and ready for your review. Then, when our next offer on a property is accepted, we’ll contact you to invest your funds. Returns range from 8 to 10 percent simple interest for up to 12 months. (percentage is based on investment amount)

When the project is complete and the home sells,  you’ll recieve your agreed upon return. (This is normally well before the 12 month mark and enables you to easily reinvest your money during the same 12 month period for an additional return on your investment. If the home does not sell by the 3rd quarter of the 12 month period, we will refinance the project and turn it into a rental property owned by Wade’s Exalted Homes LLC at which time you’ll receive your return at the same percentage on your contract.

Our investments are safe and secured by the real estate we purchase and renovate. See our investment criteria here.

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Ready to invest? Not sure yet about investing with us?

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