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My name is Wade, I am a 20-year U.S. Air Force veteran completing my final days in the service as an Airman Leadership School Commandant.

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I’ve spent the majority of my career investing in the brave men and women of the United States Military. Now I am ready to invest in a new way. In the way I would help a young Airman grow and become a good strong leader in the Air Force, I now take homes and clean them up, repair them, and make them safe and secure homes. As I mentored Airmen and watched them bring value to their units and to the Air Force, I now, with each renovation, will watch that home increase in value and bring value to the neighborhood and the city. You are welcome to link up with me, follow my journey, endorse my efforts, and invest with me in the neighborhoods and city of Tyler Texas. We’ll grow, encourage and lift each other up in the process.

My family and I have decided to spend our days working in real estate. Our investments are in rehabbing and selling homes while maintaining a strong community.

Eventually I will be offering my expertise in leadership, organizational health, Myers-Briggs personality type, and military experience in a series of products ie. books, webinars and different media.


– Bring undesirable homes up to a standard comparable to other quality homes

– Fund my Real Estate endeavors with personal and private money [relationships]

– Give away my knowledge and experience

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